Green Certified Building Practices - Sustainable Building
Remodeling and Home Design
Thank you for your interest in Sunny Day Homes, Inc.

If you are thinking about a custom-designed home, remodeling or a new addition, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you. We can assist in designing and building a healthy, energy-efficient, beautiful, satisfying home for you and yours that will be a part of a more sustainable approach to building and living.

At Sunny Day Homes, we have realized that building and remodeling homes takes place in the context of the community we live in, and our shared, natural environment. Thus, we strive to improve levels of professionalism in our local building industry and to promote the understanding and use of green certified building practices.

It's time now for building as an industry to become an example of a practical approach to sustainability, combining economic realities with environmental responsibility.

Please call or email us to get started today. Initial consultations are always at no cost or obligation.
At Sunny Day Homes, we have an appreciation for and the craft and traditions of the builders of the past, and we work to integrate these traditions with the advances in building science and renewable energy that have taken place in recent years to offer economic and sustainable building.

We approach the house as an integrated system so as to achieve exceptional, overall building performance. Foundation and framing, HVAC design, insulation and thermal envelope; renewable energy options, moisture management, natural ventilation and day lighting all must be harmonized with the aesthetic elements to provide a home that is beautiful, comfortable, energy-efficient and healthy to live in while being as earth-friendly as possible.

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