A Sun Tempered House

  • Inside Dog Trot

  • Carport

  • Sliding Barn Doors

  • Stone Walkway

  • Barn Doors Closed

  • Custom Tile Shower

Project Status: Complete

This building has been tested according to Building Performance Institute Standards.

This custom home was designed by a professor in the Building Science Department at Appalachian State University. It was sited to make full potential of the amazing solar potential on the lot the client had purchased with long range southern views. It is very energy efficient with a building shell that has near zero air leakage. The finished floor, which is acid stained concrete, stores heat from the high solar heat gain windows all along the south wall of the building. In the summer, brise soleil's or sun shading will help shade the house and keep direct rays from the sun from heating the concrete floor. The house has a very modern feel but is very taditional appalachian architecture in design. It has a single pitch shed roof and dog trot covered living area.